She gave me such a precious gift.

Josh tried to force the memory, but he was just too weak. He needed sleep. I...can't. I know it, but I can't think of it. Josh buy instagram followers rubbed the center of his forehead as a point of tension cramped from the strain of his thoughts. Too damn tired. From his pocket, Clyde retrieved a plastic freezer bag containing a burnt piece of leather, a symbol clearly visible amidst the damage. Does this look familiar? Yes. No. There was no way Josh could explain knowing what the symbol was buy instagram followers without tell them about the phantom, and somehow knowing how to speak and read this strange language. Josh foresaw that conversation taking multiple directions, all ending in argument, rage, and accusation. It just was not something he felt like doing right now. They were already accusing him in their minds; he didn't need to give them any more reason to. Clyde sighed and set the piece down. Damn, he spat. He looked back at Josh. Austin said there was something wrong with the rift? Josh slumped back in the chair as he realized the conversation was turning more informative than investigative. Casually he explained everything he had mentioned to Austin, adding detail where the other had missed or forgotten it. Talk grew stale after that, and maintaining a respectful tone relaxed as Josh's restraint faltered. Josh tired of it, and eventually just stopped responding. Finally, buy instagram followers satisfied he had all he would get, Clyde stood. When I speak with Malaric tonight to inform him of, he cleared sudden emotion from his throat, of our loss, I'll see what he has to say on the matter of the book. The others seemed satisfied with that and stood. Josh, you still instagram have your room. You may have left, but you were always welcome here. Sean opened his mouth to protest, but at a sharp glare from Clyde, he closed it as if biting off his words. Thank you, Clyde, Josh answered formally. Clyde left, and Austin gave a companionable wink as he passed him on his way to his own room. Sean lingered a moment, and made sure the others were out of reasonable earshot before he snaked across to where Josh sat. He had been keeping a close read on Sean, and expected this attack. You listen here, you runt! Too much has happened since your arrival. Things do not work coincidentally such as this. I am on to you, and I will reveal your intentions before another of us falls. Were it not for my respect for Clyde and his leadership, I would kill you where you stand in vengeance for what you have done! Sit. Josh replied calmly. I will not! Sean roared before remembering himself, and in a softer voice he added, I will not sit. Keeping his features still, Josh buy instagram followers said, buy instagram followers No. You said you would kill me where I stand. I'm sitting. Sean's eyes grew wide, the small veins at the corners pushing against the skin. Why you petulant little-- One more word out of you, and I do believe I'll have instagram to speak with Clyde, Maggie said, google standing behind Sean in a relaxed pose that suggested she had been standing there awhile. Sean shot a look to her, then snorted in disdain at them both before marching off to his room with a huff. Thanks, Josh offered. Surprisingly, Maggie shrugged a shoulder, and disappeared. Did she not care? Confused by her reaction, Josh grasped his senses after her, but she was gone. For that brief moment, she had looked so sad. No matter she had fended off Sean, did